1993 Mazda RX-7 "Rally Car"

Originally purchased as a used unmodified car in 2001 by John from a motivated seller who had to leave the country immediately this RX-7 has seen a slow evolution over the years. The car is currently used in a variety of motorsports including time trials, road racing and rally racing. The high horsepower and low drag combine to make this an excellent open road rally machine with speeds topping 180mph at last year's Chihuahua Express Road Rally. Although still too much of a "street car" to be fully competitive in most road racing it has had success in time trials and in the Tijuana Grand Prix. Having survived countless hours at the racetrack and put more than 180,000 miles on the chassis this scrappy little RX-7 has proven to be a real work horse.

Media Coverage / Awards:

"Street Class Champion" - Redline Time Attack - Spring Mountain Raceway

"Open Class Season Champion" - Tijuana Grand Prix

"1st in class, 2nd overall" - 2008 Chihuahua Express Road Rally

"I'm #2!" - 2008 Season NASA SoCal Time Trial - 2nd overall TTA Class


"180mph" - Skip to 3 minutes into this video for some footage of 180mph on a Mexican Highway. Skip to 8:30 to watch a pass on a topped out new Mustang GT.


Engine: 1.3 liter two rotor rotary engine. Street Ported.
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Suspension: Factory "R1" Suspension
Tires: 245/45-16 Toyo RA1
Other mods: Single Turbo, Roll Cage, 13" Wilwood Brakes