1983 Jaguar XJS

You might think we only race light weight Mazdas and BMWs - NONSENSE! We'll race anything. Originally "built" for the 2008 "24 Hours of Lemons" (an endurance race for cars valued under $500) this car is actually quite fun to race. Although it weighs in at over 4000lbs the hefty V-12 engine provides suitable motivation, especially at higher speeds. The chassis is well balanced and the handling neutral. Although the brakes and stock 3 speed auto transmission barely survived the endurance race we did finish a respectable 27th out of more than 100 competitors. This Jag is also excellent at tossing aside most light weight import cars that make "contact" without missing a beat. We hope to run this car again at more lemons races and perhaps some other events too.


In early 2010 the Jag was put on a strict diet and reduced to a feather like 3600lbs dry. Ok, still plenty heavy but every pounds helps. Also, some mild suspension tweaks combined with 315/35-17 size tires at all four corners have made it one fast beast in the corners as well. Although head gasket issues took us out for a portion of the last Lemons race we now know we have a car that can contend for the overall win... not that we should even be trying in the first place...

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Engine: 5.3 liter twelve cylinder, unmodified (300hp factory rated)
Transmission: 3 speed automatic
Suspension: Stock four wheel independant suspension, cut front springs
Tires: 315/35-17 Nitto NT-05 mounted on custom 17"x11" steel wheels
Brakes: Front Brakes (Calipers and Rotors) from a 2001 Mercedes ML500 now provide reliable stopping power. Rare outboard rear brakes from a 1996 Jaguar XJS were obtained during a very lucky trip to the junk yard as well.
Other mods: Roll Cage, Removable Steering Wheel, 22 gallon fuel cell, Twin Chassis Mounted Fully Automatic Air Cooled Paint Ball Guns with Steering Wheel Button Activation