1995 Mercedes S600

What do you with a V-12 1995 Mercedes S600 that despite an original MSRP of $135,000 was bought for only $1,000 due to numerous small problems and title issues? Part it out? Spend thousands getting it "nice" again? Heck NO! RACE IT! And not just any race... but a race for $500 cars! We at Magnus Racing Club think we're probably the first people to ever fully cage and race a fully equipped Mercedes S600.

Media Coverage:

Jalopnik: Our Mercedes S600 gets ZERO penalty laps!

Jalopnik: We earn "Most Heroic Fix" for replacing one 2 inch hose!

Jalopnik: We make Lemons history - First car EVER claimed - win "I got Screwed" award

Reviewed in MOTOR TREND

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Engine: 6.0 liter twelve cylinder, unmodified (385hp factory rated)
Transmission: 4 speed automatic
Suspension: Stock four wheel independant air ride suspension
Tires: 245/50-16 Goodyear GSD3
Other mods: Roll Cage, Diplomatic Plates